Gut Health!

My dear friend Ashley has presented a topic for me to write about “Tell me more about this gut health”. Thanks for your inquiry Ashley!

Ok “quick” summary to further your understanding of gut health Smile

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Gastro-Intestinal (GI) GUT Health Pre/Pro Biotics:

Originally your gut already has pre-established bacteria throughout your intestinal lining from your mouth to… the exit point. There is good bacteria and bacteria that can also make you sick if it gets from any part of the intestine to other parts of the body. That’s why it is so important to wash hands after bathroom, because there most likely are some parts of E-coli in your iliem/colon/rectum. (I know gross to talk about but lets face it guys!) That’s why it is one of the biggest contaminant of raw beef, because other mammals have it too. I don’t want to get into detail of slaughter but if not properly carried out, there could be potential contamination usually of E-coli, on raw meat, especially ground. (Salmonella is another topic) Biggrin (yes I am serious I have to learn all about this stuff)

Back to point: So ya there is that good bacteria, so why do we have it? Confused
First, yes it does contribute to fighting off, eliminating other bacteria/particles that may enter in the body, it also keeps us “regular”, and aids in food breakdown and digestion, especially fiber. Certain bacteria is there to help us break down and absorb fibers and vitamins/minerals that we may not be able to do on our own. So what happens if we don’t have it Confused lots of gas, problems breaking down/digesting some foods, constipation, possible malabsorption of B-vitamins and more No smile

So what’s with pro-biotics? We humans don’t have the best of diets, with all the crazy medications we are on (antibiotics), possible high alcohol consumption/drugs such as laxatives and other things, our good gut bacteria may go away… and the bad may find ways to sneak in Sadley The ‘good’ are your pro-biotics. It takes time to get it back but the good news is, there are ways to re-establish your gut health through the diet.

As we learned earlier, we do need it for general health so that’s why it is so important to keep it established. Pro-biotics are added bacteria that you see in the news regularly like in ‘Activia’ yogurt (too commercialized) you can get just as much in your regular plain or fruited yogurts too. It’s also seen in Kefir milk, and is now even added to some chocolates, you can also get it in a pill form. There is some controversy to if the bacteria even stays alive by the time it get to the stomach or if the acids break it down, but as of now it does help. Consuming lots of bacteria also helps prevent yeast infections. Smile

So what are Pre-biotics?
Pre-Biotics are the food that keeps your pro-biotics living. You don’t NEED to take this in supplement form, you are paying money for something you get from general food consumption. As long as you are eating a variety of fruits/vegetables, nuts, seeds and fibers then I am sure you have plant of pre-biotics in the diet to keep that bacteria living and satisfied Thumbs up

So what is recommended? 25 – 35 grams of fiber daily from your fruits/veggies/whole grains/nuts and seeds.
Drinking plenty of water. At least 1 cup of pro-biotic rich yogurt daily, you only need 3 cups of dairy a day, make it yogurt or kifer. (not too much milk!) Physical activity to keep everything moving!

Any questions or controversy? *Article attached below*

Party Green Go gut health!!! Party Green

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