Alton Brown! Good Eats: Salt!

Alton Brown; Good Eats!

This show is great! If you have an interest in food science this is a great show to watch!

The episode I caught today was regarding salt! How interesting! check out this show to get some education regarding many different foods, food ingredients, and beverages.

How much Salt? We hear about salt in and out daily. I would say about 2,000 milligrams is all you really need, and that may even be considered a low sodium diet. The new ADA Dietary guidelines are suggesting even less salt.

Consumer help with new 2010 Dietary Guidelines

“Don’t add salt, choose low salt items, salt raises blood pressure, salt is an electrolyte…” Why do we hear all these things are they true? There are many types of “salt” enhanced salts, flavored salt, cooking/curing salt, sea salt, rock salt, kosher salt… Well it is important not to consume too much salt, especially sodium. Whats the difference? Well to compare salt versus sodium, sodium is, I would say a concentrated variation of salt. It is the straight metallic element, Na+. Salt is a combination of the elements sodium + sodium chloride making it less concentrated with sodium. Choosing low sodium items is not a bad idea. However consuming pretzels or adding minimal about of table salt in cooking, is not as concentrated as the sodium we often see in processed foods, but choose it wisely and of course in moderation. Does it raise blood pressure? Yes, it can because water follows salt, the higher the concentration of salt in the blood the higher the concentration of water, not only that but it is taking those kidneys a lot of work to flush it all out of the system. Choose your salt/sodium contents of food wisely, and drink plenty of fluid! Bottom line read your ingredients and food label to grasp how much sodium you will be consuming from one serving of the item you will eat. Understand your food label.

Salt is an electrolyte! Yes, true very important and necessary for fluid balance and muscle function before, during and after muscle work and physical activity.

Have other questions related to nutrition or regarding salt or sodium? Send me your question.


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