Cooking Demo!

Ok so I am a nutrition educator at WIC and one of my adopted job duties is that I will present a monthly cooking demo to the WIC clients. This month was basically cooking with beans. I had one of the staff members help me this month. I am trying to have some others learn how to cook and present while cooking so that it can be accomplished in other clinics. Basically I teach the clients how to cut and chop and use a mixer, while describing the nutritional benefits of each food. It’s a lot of fun. I enjoy it and it is good practice for when I will audition to be a star on the food network (hehe joking… :P)I wish.. but anyway so here are some pictures of today.

I made hummus (with tons of garlic) and a super bean dip. The recipes are really easy and actually involve no heating in this round. Unlike like last month, I had to use a little heating device to make french toast… it is quite the experience but a good way to show my WIC clients that you don’t need a castle or granite kitchen in order to cook,  be creative, and nutritious while doing it….

(Again I wish… )

Carrying on…. Pictures from today’s demo!

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