Walk for Hunger! Boston, MA ~ May 1, 2011

This past weekend I participated in Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger! May 1st 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts.  The 20 mile walk went great. I am proud to say that I completed all of the 20 miles, even running through about 2 of them.   I am also proud to say that my mother, mothers friend, brother, friends Jessica and Ashley all completed the 20 miles!!!  We raised over 900 dollars thanks to the help from friends and family!   Money raised goes towards the emergency food bank programs to prevent hunger. We had adrenaline pumping the whole time.  I give credit to those Boston Marathon runners because I really don’t know how they do it.  I am sure it is different when running and constantly being in the zone.

What is Project Bread, The Walk for Hunger and why do we do it?

“It all begins with food”

Good food nourishes the body and the spirit. With regular meals, a child is free to grow, to think, to ask a question, to tell a joke.

Being chronically hungry is the fate of more than 660,000 people in Massachusetts. Help us change that.

Their Mission:

The state’s leading antihunger organization

Project Bread is dedicated to alleviating, preventing, and ultimately ending hunger in Massachusetts.

A voice for the hungry

We are the voice for hungry people in Massachusetts. For more than 49,000 callers a year to our FoodSource® Hotline, we listen to their stories and share them with others who care.

Providing unique thought leadership

We strive to develop new ideas, new partners, and new ways of feeding hungry people. Grounded in the belief that hunger is a solvable problem, we conduct demonstration projects and communicate their results to bring them to scale. We have contributed an impressive list of firsts to the cause of feeding hungry people in Massachusetts.

Through established avenues of action

Through our Walk for Hunger, the oldest continual pledge walk in the country, we provide millions of dollars each year in privately donated funds to more than 400 emergency food programs in 130 communities statewide. We also champion programs that provide food to families in neighborhood settings such as schools, after-school programs, summer programs, community health centers, hospitals, and elder home care facilities — making hunger relief a normal part of their day.

Look at tomorrow.

The walk for Hunger:

On Sunday, May 1, 2011, 42,000 people came to the Boston Common to raise millions for their hungry neighbors during Project Bread’s annual Walk for Hunger.

Organizers were heartened that the Walkers and their sponsors raised $3.6 million to provide food for 448 emergency food programs in 130 Massachusetts cities and towns. These funds will provide a hot meal or a bag of groceries for hungry families next winter.

“This Walk has been one of the most gratifying we’ve held,” says Parker. “Being able to do this well in a down economy shows the commitment of our Walkers and Volunteers to help those in need,” continued Parker. “But I urge everyone to collect all the pledge money from their sponsors, and to ask about corporate matches. In times like these, we can’t allow any available money to be left on the table. Also, we ask everyone who decided not to walk to make a donation.

We thank our corporate and media sponsors for stepping up their support in our hour of need and our Walkers, Volunteers, and donors for their commitment.” Read full press release.

The need is still great! Here are some things you can still do to help us make an even bigger difference!

This brings a great point to society, there is hunger happening everywhere.  Since relocating to Florida I really have hopes to help fight hunger in this state as well.  I have a goal of eventually starting a walk with one of the local food banks to start.   There is a fundraiser event approaching in the next few weeks for the NALC “Stamp out Hunger”.

Last year I volunteered and participated in collecting food for the drive with Florida Suncoast food bank.  and the community collected so many pounds of food.  It was a lot of work and a wonderful learning experience.  I hope to volunteer again this year, but have a feeling that I will be participating in a WIC is cooking, food demo that day.

Stamp Out Hunger Food drive!

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It’s never too late to donate to project Bread or the Walk for Hunger!

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One thought on “Walk for Hunger! Boston, MA ~ May 1, 2011

  1. Hi Nina, It’s great you did the walk. Congradulations!!! If we’d known of the event we’d have sponsered you, so that
    you could raise me for the program. Maybe next time. Best wishes

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