FOODPICKER.ORG Question of the week – Subject: blood sugar & BBQ?

Subject: blood sugar & BBQ?

Every year in late May our friends & family has a large BBQ.  Since I’m watching my weight and blood sugar, what types of foods should I eat more of and what foods should I avoid at my BBQ?

Portion control is key. Try to limit your consumption to one plate and not go back for seconds. Remember the plate method, this would be a good time to use this tool. I would say to limit party snacks or chips and dips before the meal. Limit potato and macaroni salads, keep portions sizes in mind.  Remember that BBQ sauce is not a free food and contains many grams of sugar and carbohydrate, as do many grilling sauces.  Try not to add extra sauces.  I recommend consuming  a variety of fresh vegetables and salads, eating protein rich foods such as lean meats like chicken breast sandwiches or turkey burgers.  If this defeats the point of a BBQ, try to be aware of added fats, and try not to double up on portions of meat, cheese or creamy sauces.  

Also remember that the beverages usually offered at BBQ’s are high in sugar so try your best to drink water, or sugar-free beverages.  You could try fresh lemonade (see picture below) made with lemons, water, and replacing the sugar with a sugar-free additive such as Splenda or Truvia.

When it comes to desert try choosing low carbohydrate items and again sticking to portion sizes. Avoid ice-cream with added candies, syrups or sugars. If you have eaten a large meal probability may be that you have already consumed a high carbohydrate load. Try whole fruit sorbet, frozen fruit, sugar free gelatin desserts etc. Great recipes can be found at:

It is very easy to over-eat at a BBQ which makes it more important to focus on what you decide to eat. Remember that with Diabetes it is very important to monitor your blood sugars, and keep them balanced throughout the day. Even on the days that you will be eating more. It is not healthy to eat loads of carbohydrates at one sitting. The designated  amount of carbohydrate that your meal plan allows for the day can not be reserved for one meal. Example; Don’t wait all day to eat because you will be eating more at the BBQ, this will cause your blood sugars to be uncontrollably high. Try to eat a small breakfast and snack to maintain your blood sugar before your big meal.  Enjoy BBQ’ing!


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