Wolfram Alpha: Computation Knowledge Engine

Found these awesome little widgets from – Wolframalpha.com – Computation Knowledge engine – and am creating a post about them! Feel free to use them and let me know what you think of them! I am going to eventually create one on my own. Calorie Counter: Measurement Converter: Food Item nutrition information: Nutrition food facts: BMI Calculator: Cost of baking with Alcohol:   Advertisements Continue reading Wolfram Alpha: Computation Knowledge Engine


Pumpkins have arrived! One of my favorite vegetables of all time!  Every year I make it a point to incorporated pumpkin into one of my traditional recipes!  This time I vamped up my old fashion potato pancakes with pumpkin!  These are traditionally made with potatoes or sometimes zucchini.  I wanted to add a little zesty flavor and orange twist using pumpkin! For the pumpkin: I … Continue reading Pumpkins!

Fall and the holiday season!

T’is the season, to cook/drink and be jolly!! How shocking that did not have the opportunity to blog in the month of October! Where have I been! In my opinion Fall is one of the most exhilarating times of the year. Some people say it can be a bit depressing because all the leaves change color and die in preparation for the winter. However, I … Continue reading Fall and the holiday season!