Fall and the holiday season!

T’is the season, to cook/drink and be jolly!!

How shocking that did not have the opportunity to blog in the month of October! Where have I been!

In my opinion Fall is one of the most exhilarating times of the year. Some people say it can be a bit depressing because all the leaves change color and die in preparation for the winter. However, I find it to be uplifting. Hence the expression: “turning a new leaf”.  Nature’s way of saying: it’s time for a new start!

As usual I have been experimenting in the kitchen these days. This past week I attempted to create my mother’s olive loaf. A version of her Italian bread with Italian olive bit size pieces chopped up and mixed throughout the dough.

Well it was good but not mom’s of course. Being so far away from home can get challenging at times, especially when it comes to missing my family and mom’s home cooking. The smell of that fresh baking bread simply lures you into the kitchen to take a peak! I have learned so much from my mother and her cooking style. As I was preparing the dough it was just a great moment to call her up on the phone and ask her for a few recipe tips. Like olive oil for example, you can’t have olive bread without olive oil.

Well I called mom up and this is how it went:

“Ma, how much olive oil should I put in the bread?”
Ma: “Oh I usually put a couple of tablespoons like glug glug from the bottle”

Priceless measurement techniques mom!!! 🙂

Can’t wait to attempt that comforting loaf again! Whole grains and olive oil, mmm heart healthy!

That’s another thing about the fall, it is a time of comfort. Comfort food that is, breads, cakes, pastas, cookies. Happy cooking everyone! Buona cucina~ buon appetito!



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