Colorful Antioxidant Soup!

It’s the weekend! Week 3 has been a whole new challenge.  I tried to consume more liquid this week compared to last, still keeping the calories and carbohydrates low, and of course exercising!  Since I have been exercising more I have been a bit more dehydrated.  So I created this soup to not only aid in hydration but also fill me up and help detox … Continue reading Colorful Antioxidant Soup!

Happy New Year! 2012

It is a new year indeed. With new goals and motivations set, I am off to a running start, literally.  My new year is off to a fast pace and this year I am setting the bar high.  It is going to be a challenging one!  These past few days I have been working on creating some tips and strategies to boost start my plan … Continue reading Happy New Year! 2012