Colorful Antioxidant Soup!

It’s the weekend! Week 3 has been a whole new challenge.  I tried to consume more liquid this week compared to last, still keeping the calories and carbohydrates low, and of course exercising!  Since I have been exercising more I have been a bit more dehydrated.  So I created this soup to not only aid in hydration but also fill me up and help detox my system.  Fluid Fluid Fluid!  What do I mean by detox?  To flush out stuff that has been lingering in my liver, kidney and intestines for too long.  I didn’t follow this regimen as closely as I wanted, as I did eat some nuts, seeds, and yogurt.  I will have to try again another week. My overall goal for a “detox” menu might not include nuts and seeds in the future, but I am still working on a plan for that. Back to the soup!

Colorful Antioxidant Soup!


2 Tbsp of Oil blend, Canola and Olive

6 cloves of Garlic

½ cup Red Onion, sliced

½ cup White Onion, sliced

2 cups of Carrots, chopped into small cubes

2 cups of Celery tops (Leaves and stems)

1/2 Large Red Cabbage about 4 cups shredded

9- 10 oz bag of Spinach

8 ounces of Mushrooms

1 can, 5 ounces of Black Beans (Plain no added sauce)

4 cups of Chicken Broth, Preferably fat-free, low sodium

4 cups of Water

Salt/ pepper/ Mrs. Dash to taste


1. On medium heat, sautee the carrots in 2 Tbsp of canola, olive oil blend until oil starts to have an orange tint.

2. Add 6 cloves of crushed garlic, 1/2 cup of red onions, and 1/2 cup white onions. Allow to sweat and become slightly caramelized.         (5 – 10 minutes)

3. Add 4 cups of water, 4 cups of fat-free low sodium chicken broth.

4. Add 2 cups of Celery tops, leaves and stems, chopped.

5. Add 4 cups of red cabbage, shredded.

6. Bring to a boil and allow it to cook until al dente and cabbage has changed to a lighter shade of purple. The broth should also look purple at this point. (10 minutes)

7. Add one can of black beans, rinsed.

8. Add Mushrooms and allow cooking until tender.  (5 minutes)

9. Add the bag of raw spinach and mix into boiling water, allowing it to wilt. (1 minute, spinach will continue to wilt as cooling)

10. Turn off the heat and allow cooling until ready to serve. Add salt/pepper/Mrs. Dash to taste.

Makes about 10 servings, 2 cups each serving. Prep and cooking time approximately 45 minutes.

Nutrition: This soup makes about 20 cup servings!

Serving Suggestion: 2 cups at a time. That should be filling. If you have less or more just remember to adjust the nutrient content!

Why is this soup so fabulous for you?

  • Variety of colors = Antioxidants Next time I make this soup I think I am going to add some fresh beets for even more color!!!
  • Carrots contain pro-vitamins: bête-carotene, a fat soluble vitamin that converts to Vitamin A. An antioxidant that protect the eyes, aids skin tone and aids in cell function.  I start the cooking processes with sautéing the carrots in oil in order to bring out the fat-soluble vitamins, making it easier to absorb in the body via the fat. The cooking process is essential, the vitamin is more easily absorbed when cooked and in association with fat.
  • Water and low sodium chicken broth = Hydration (yup some salt but 10% of the daily value if you are consuming 2,000 mg per day. The new dietary guidelines suggest even lower. However I exercise and loose a lot of water and electrolytes so that is my justification for adding sodium, besides for flavor.
  • Cruciferous veggies and beans = Fiber

Add more healthful foods to your diet!  Refer to additional info at Mayo Clinic. I will be following up with more ideas on how to get these foods in, and not bulk up your daily calories too high!

Have questions about the recipes or any of the nutrition information? Email me for details.


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