Famer’s Markets!!!

Friday, April 20th 2012 I visited a farmer’s market in downtown Dunedin, Florida with my cousin Lisa, friend Lisa and Aunt Silvana. It was a pretty good time even though by the time we got there they were starting to shut down! Bummer, we will have to plan ahead next time. Don’t forget to bring cash!!

We had to get a picture next to these little red potatoes.  In the summer, during cookouts and family events you will find my tracking down the potato salad!  I am a pretty big potato salad fan.  My grandmother always made the best potato salad, the kind you just can’t stop eating!  I am on a mission to create an ultimate potato salad which I will use my grandmothers traditional recipe and add a twist.  Per discussion with the Farm Stand Man (who you see in the background with the red shirt, along with Lisa) these little red potatoes would be one of my favorite choices to use because they will give you more skin in your potato salad!  More skin ultimately provides more fiber, vitamins and minerals!  I might even use a potato medley, tri-color or something creative.  Stay tuned!

I have been to quite a few Farmer’s Markets in Boston, Massachusetts , along with local fruit and vegetable stands in Florida, where I am currently located.  They are around you just have to track them down!  Depending where you are there may be several in the area.  If you are from Massachusetts, Boston area there is Hay-Market in downtown Hanover street. You can search for others HERE.  As for other locations you can either visit the specific town websites and search for markets, or ask locals around the area where to find them.

So what’s so good about these markets? FRESH food, typically lower food costs and it is supporting local growers and a good causes!

Readers: Have you been a a local market lately?  If so share your story!  What was the best thing you found there?  Where was the market? Do you have any potato salad recipes you want to share!?


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