Walk for Hunger May 6th, 2012!!

The walk for Hunger in Boston Mass was held this past Sunday, May 6th 2012!  A warm THANK YOU to all of the friends and family that donated and showed support.  We achieved our team goal of raising over $700.00, and I achieved my personal goal of raising over $500.00!!!  Every year I set this as a personal goal which allows me to be a member of the heart & sole category!  I have high hopes that all of the team members can achieve this goal too in years to come!  We could not have done it with out the help of all of our friends and family!


Proudly announcing that Jessica, Johnny, Samantha and myself completed the 20 mile walk in due time!!! Mom came too but due to her injury back in the fall (broken leg) I would not allow her to strain herself for all of those 20 miles.  However, mom did walk 5 miles and we were proud of her for this.  We were pacing at about 4 miles per hour considering all the stops to eat, chat and listen to the random tunes along the way.  Upon reaching the final check point we got our very own Boston Red Socks Ice cream after completing the walk WOW what a yummy treat from Hood!


The conversations that you hear from people throughout the walk are quite hysterical. I suppose people must keep themselves occupied with random talks so not to think about the dreading pain in their feet!  My feet held up great, considering! It’s my ankles and lower back that are ultimately killing me. What I think helped most too is getting in shape before the walk and finding the right shoes!


Prior to the walk I was “training” running about 3 miles 5 times a week, plus a bunch of other workout techniques.  I really would like to partake in a 5 K in the near future. This “training” routine definitely helped to prepare for the walk, to lose weight and reach other personal weight loss goals.  I did not feel as tired as last year. Last year I did not do any training.  I also changed sneakers to Brooks! I do recommend these shoes for people who like light weight but yet very supportive sneakers.

Thanks again to all family and friends we couldn’t have done it without you!! Check out our team site! Go Team: Bean Town Walkers!!!  If you would like to know more details about the walk or are interested in joining us next year let me know!   For more information on ways to get involved in the community and help prevent hunger check out Share Our Strength, this month’s donation theme is to a Happy Mother’s Day!!




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