Fresh Ideas!

What have I been up to the past couple of weeks? Well besides job searching I have been cooking! Of course….  Creating new recipes to track on my lovely little blog and share with the world… I ask, self, why am I not traveling the world right now? I was watching the movie Eat, Pray, Love the other day with my grandmother, starring actress Julia Roberts. It was quite inspiring. Back to cooking…

It started about two weeks ago when I first arrived to my home town and my neighbor stated that she was having a christening for one of her children and had no idea what to do for food. Ding, light went on… “We can help you!” “We”, as in my mother and I. Majority of my cooking techniques and recipes have been inspired by my mother and grandmother. So what did “we” decide on? Fresh Italian bread, home-made tomato sauce with Italian sausage, and huge calzone. We incorporated many traditional Italian items along with a snap shot of healthy foods such fresh salad and veggie plate. It was a hit!

After the neighbors heard of the event they got excited! I took on the responsibility to make some hors d’œuvres for the “wine and cheese night” as I like to call it, rather “ladies night” down the block. What did I do? Got inventive! I had to do a dessert with chocolate and of course something healthy. I went for chicken kabobs and dessert pizza topped with Nutella and Mascarpone. Amazing!

How did I do it?

1)      Made fresh Pizza dough, added a little bit of ground flax and olive oil for texture.

2)      Rolled out the dough onto my pizza pan. I like to put a bit of corn meal underneath the dough, helps it to bake evenly.

3)      I made a cheese mix of Mascarpone, cream cheese, sour cream and maybe a tablespoon of powdered sugar for sweetness.

4)     Evenly spread the mixture on the dough.

5)      The next layer of flavor was the Nutella. Very important that this is room temperature and easy to spread, you could even heat it up in a sauce pan prior to adding it to the pizza (do NOT microwave it, this causes separation of the Nutella).

6)      After that I sliced up some fresh strawberries and layered them on the pizza.

7)      Baking at a higher temperature, for less time may be optimal for this pizza, depending on the thickness of the dough. There is a high sugar content on the pizza, and the fact it has fresh fruit caramelizes very quickly, and dries out if it bakes for too long. Watch the pizza until it is crisp, cool and serve.

* I placed cards listing the ingredients next to the items I made. This is for individuals with food preference or food allergies.

So what next? After that little shenanigan one of the friends at the party asked if I would cater her son’s graduation party in June! Wow what a hit, I guess business really is about word of mouth. That’s it, I am starting a catering business with a nutritious twist. Ci vediamo!


3 thoughts on “Fresh Ideas!

  1. You such a creative person. I’m going to try the dessert pizza, Connor LOVES Nutella. Good luck on your ventures.

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