July in Maine

I would like to start off by saying congratulations to Jess and Tim for winning the Green Wedding give away contest! I went to visit Maine July 8th weekend for their big day! It was beautiful, out did all expectations. Tim, handsome as ever. Jess, magnificently beautiful the queen of her day, of course I wouldn’t have expected anything less! Completely stunning wedding from the atmosphere and natural beauty of the location, to the company of friends and family and last but not least THE food!!! Best wishes to Jess and Tim and their amazing future together and congrats again on winning your dream wedding!  Thank you so much for allowing me to share and be a part of such a special day!

My mother accompanied me as my date for the wedding. It was a pleasure to have her there as we made new friends and dance partners!!! She was very enthusiastic and got everyone going on the dance floor! Love ya mom! What a blast. Prior to the wedding mom and I stayed in one of the local inns for the night. It was such a nice little get away. We visited York beach for the sunset and of course to see one of my favorite foods being made; Taffy! Nothing like the originally Salt Water Taffy!! YUM~ This seasons flavors Clove and Blueberry!!!

Friday before that spent some time with best friends and family dinner at Bertucci’s one of my favs! Till next time! Slideshow below!

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