July 23!

Significance of the date; July 23rd, 1984?  Yup it was that time of year again, the day baby Nina was brought into the world!  Last weekend was fun, but of course I had to do something food related to make my day exceptional.  It was a quiet day that included a stop in downtown Tarpon Springs.  What did I find you might ask!  Coffee! Espresso, none the less!  There is this little coffee shop: @CAFE that I tend to drive by when I am in town.  I thought to myself… hm Italian coffee, why not?  Let’s stop!  It wasn’t exactly a typical birthday celebration considering.  However, I definitely treated myself to a delicious Nutella treat!  Little did I know that this coffee shop: @CAFE has home-made waffles topped with Nutella and Ice-Cream…!!!  A few of my favorite foods in one~!  Who needs cake!  Chocolate and coffee definitely got my full-filament of antioxidants for the day, not to mention a little sweet sugary goodness NUTELLA! 🙂

Try this coffee shop, I recommend it next time you are in the Tarpon Springs area.  The owner was so friendly and greeted us upon entry!  He is very excited to be expanding his business to other locations as well!  Have questions?  Email them!  Not a waffle or coffee fan?  They also offer many other items such as tea and are considering additions of smoothies as well.  I look forward to that nutritious addition!  They also offer wine and beer!

Check out the menu on their homepage: http://youareatcafe.com/

The smell of fresh brewed Espresso, fun Italian music and atmosphere will keep me going back for more!  They also have free Wi-Fi and brew LavAzza coffee.  This place definitely brought me back to my home routs, as it reminded me of similar places I used to visit and work at in downtown Boston, little Italy!  Ci vediamo a presto – See you soon @Cafe!


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