August update-

Summer is flying by but that doesn’t mean that I have not been making the most of my time.  The past month has been an going project to lose weight, get in shape and stay motivated!  I wanted to share an update on my daily routine! Of course I changed my diet as well and I don’t mean by starving or taking supplements!

Running, the activity that I partake in the most.  It is a healthy way to clear the mind.  I couldn’t do it without my Brooks running shoes, nor without the motivation from my dad and my girl Ashley! She has been very positive and influencing these days. We are friends on Map My Run and share our runs together.  Although we are miles apart, it is like we are running together. 🙂

I come across many inspirations when I am running. I try to capture many images and views as I am running, some of them even motivate me to take my next stride. For example, a part of my extended run includes running through the woods to the beach, it is very breath taking and relaxing.

I would definitely encourage everyone to do some kind of physical activity at least 60- 90 minutes each day, 3 – 5 days per week.  I am currently at 5 – 7 miles 3 – 5 times a week running 6.5 MPH miles!!! Not going to let the asthma stop me! Not only have I been running but trying to incorporate lifting into the routine. I am also trying some boot camp strategies such as running with a 35 lb chain, and jumping rope with a tug of war rope, along with some kickboxing stuff. Got to change it up and keep things exciting! Check out my photos for further details pertaining to the post!!

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BIG Thanks to my featured photographer: Koryo Photography for capturing some amazing fitness shots!

*I need your help!!!! If at all interested in being a part of my nutrition/training project it’s NO cost. Because it is a project, I am offering FREE services. You can be anywhere in the WORLD! I am looking for a variety of people to try my “strategy”! All I ask in return is a couple signed documents, commitment (1 – 3 months your choice) on your part, and a testimonial and picture that will appear on my website! Please let me know if you are interested! 🙂 for details or call me.


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