Walk for Hunger 2013


On May 5th 2013 last Sunday, the Bean Town Walkers participated in the annual Walk for Hunger 20 mile walk around Boston.

At Project Bread’s 45th Walk for Hunger, 30,000 Walkers and 2,000 Volunteers raised an estimated $3.1 million to support community-based programs that assist hungry people across Massachusetts.

We had a rocking time considering the recent events in Boston.  A big part of the walk was absolutely a tribute to the city of Boston and the community.  I want to thank all of the sponsors for donating, our team raised aver $700.00 dollars!!!  Another year as a HEART & SOLE Team leader! A BIG thank you to Mom, Johnny, Samantha, and Courtney for walking.  We couldn’t have done it with each others support and motivation!  Mom walked 12 miles this year after breaking her leg last October 2011, God Bless you mom for being such a strong woman.  Congratulations to Courtney for finishing her first walk! We even ran the last 3 miles together!

Look forward to walking with you all again next year. Until then stay healthy and happy.





photo(31) MapRoute2012 


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