Insight of the day: Pre-pack your snacks!

Insight of the day: Pre-pack your snacks!

Do you like to snack? The urge to snack can come from, boredom, stress, hunger and many other things.

It could even be your body’s way of saying “Hey I am thirsty- not hungry”.  Follow your hunger signals, have a glass of H2O before you start snacking.

Also try distracting yourself with something to do each time you walk over to the snack area. “I will not snack, I will read a book, or go exercise..!”

If you are one who prefers to snack or graze pre-pack your snacks and have them readily available for when you have the urge to snack.

Choose vegetables that are going to provide you with vitamins, mineral, water and little calories.

Vegetables are not “free-foods” meaning you can’t eat an unlimited amount. However, you can eat a large amount of most them.

As part of my menu planning I provide a list of snacks that keep you full, are crunchy and have very low calorie content.

I keep a bag of cut celery, cucumber, and peppers on hand when I get tempted to snack on chocolate or nuts which are very high in calories.

If you do decide to snack on other foods, measure out a portion size, put the bag away and only allow yourself that amount.


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