Insight of the day: Plant seeds! How to avoid GMO

Insight of the day: Plant seeds! How to avoid GMO.

Gardening season is here. Today I was shopping for seeds for the garden. I was intrigued by the large variety of seeds that I found at Walmart. I was excited until I decided to investigate further to figure out what was and was not organic (non-GMO).

How to avoid GMO:

All of the corn was GMO. I am still on a mission to find non-GMO corn seeds.


1. You can tell by reading the front, where it identifies the species as hybrid. What does hybrid mean? “An animal or plant that is produced from two animals or plants of different kinds, or something that is formed by combining two or more things”. Webster. This means these seeds have undergone genetic modification/alteration/manipulation.

2. It says disease resistant. This means there are pesticides (toxin to kill bugs) /herbicides (toxin to kill weeds) in the genetics.

I searched further and finally found a little box of watermelon seeds that read organic. I thought to myself wow they still exist.

So I compared the two packages so you can see what to look for if you decide to go seed shopping for yourself.

1. Look for organic, typically GMO, Pesticide and herbicide free.
2. Avoid if it says hybrid or disease-resistant or pest-resistant.

gmo water

GMO water 2
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