Insight of the day: Supplements – Read ingredients.


Buyer beware you may think it’s a good product but they are selling you “corn”. I am always on the hunt for new protein powder supplements that have more grams of protein per scoop, fewer additives and preservatives, and maximum alternatives for muscle building and leaning out (aka Caffeine, amino acids, and super foods).

With that said, I found this lovely product that contains 26 grams of protein per scoop. Not bad… the one I use currently 30 so I wasn’t blown away. So I decided to check out ingredients and added stuff. Why do certain “formula” companies insist on adding corn products to their products! Corn Maltodextrin, really? There are lots of other sugar options. Dear Abbott: Sadly enough I will not be trying this.

Want to know more about Maltodextrin? Here is what Bob Red Mill’s has to say about this ingredient:

Do you have a supplement you are interested in learning more about? Email it to me.


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