Insight of the day: Greek yogurt perspective

Insight of the day: Greek yogurt perspective

The item Greek yogurt is rather new to the shelves of the traditional American grocery store’s yogurt aisle. Greek yogurt originated in Greece during the 1920’s. Before the popularity of Greek yogurt hit the grocery shelves you would often see it on Greek or Mediterranean restaurant menus in the form of Tzatziki Sauce paired with items like lamb, Greek salads and the gyro!

I used to make yogurt cheese, where I would take normal yogurt and strain the liquid whey from the solid part of the yogurt. It because very thick, like sour cream cheese or cream cheese the longer you let it sit, similar to the texture of Greek yogurt. This is a less expensive but laborious option.

Which should you choose?

Compare nutrients:
FAGE (7 oz.) Thick consistency with higher calories, higher protein and less carbohydrate. This means it may keep you full longer because additional protein and lower carbohydrates take longer to digest. The calcium amount is moderate.

Stonyfield (8 oz.) Thin consistency with fewer calories, with moderate protein and is a serving of carbohydrate. It may not keep you as full, and digest faster. The calcium amount is higher.
So it depends on what you are looking to add to your menu, meal or recipe item.

I have been using non-fat Greek yogurt these days because I like the consistency and usually am looking to add more protein and
less carbohydrate to my diet.

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Disclaimer; This article is not target towards any specific brand regarding health claims or adds, it is for educational purposes only.

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