Insight of the day: Stay Hydrated

Insight of the day: Stay hydrated! Hydration supports muscle, brain and organ health. Water especially is important. To add natural flavor to water try slicing up some fresh fruit like green apples, lemons, or limes and allow them to sit in water for a few hours. Remember energy drinks, coffee and some high caffeinated teas cause water loss from the body. If you drink these … Continue reading Insight of the day: Stay Hydrated

July in Maine

I would like to start off by saying congratulations to Jess and Tim for winning the Green Wedding give away contest! I went to visit Maine July 8th weekend for their big day! It was beautiful, out did all expectations. Tim, handsome as ever. Jess, magnificently beautiful the queen of her day, of course I wouldn’t have expected anything less! Completely stunning wedding from the … Continue reading July in Maine