Insight of the day: Pre-pack your snacks!

Insight of the day: Pre-pack your snacks! Do you like to snack? The urge to snack can come from, boredom, stress, hunger and many other things. It could even be your body’s way of saying “Hey I am thirsty- not hungry”.  Follow your hunger signals, have a glass of H2O before you start snacking. Also try distracting yourself with something to do each time you … Continue reading Insight of the day: Pre-pack your snacks!

Harvest Pancakes!

This morning I decided to create healthful yet hearty pancakes. This recipe is a great way to get veggies or fruits, omega fatty acids, and whole grains into your day. All of which are important for a healthy heart, healthy gut function and to sustain energy! This recipe can also be altered to be completely gluten free, or vegan however these specific pancakes are not. … Continue reading Harvest Pancakes!

National Nutrition Month® – March 2013

It’s March already! Happy New Year. National Nutrition Month® is here! This month especially dedicated to nutrition. A great opportunity for dietitians to educate their co-workers, friends/family and the public with current nutrition topics. This year’s the theme is: Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day Build a Personalized Eating Plan! The idea is reflective to the “Choose my Plate®” theme.  It is a easy concept and … Continue reading National Nutrition Month® – March 2013